EDM 95K RC Drill
Truck / Track Mounted Drill Rig

Up to 95klbf Holdback

The EDM95K-RC Drill is a heavy duty dedicated reverse-circulation machine built to provide unmatched performance on the deepest and most challenging RC projects in the toughest conditions. The rig has 95,000lbs pullback capacity, can be truck or track mounted and comes with all the safety features required for working on Tier 1 mine sites.

The rig has been designed to be easily customised with deck engine options up to 950HP, MB550 or MB850 dual breakers, and multiple brands of onboard sampling systems availabe. The EDM95K-RC drill also offers the choice of the standard EDM RC Rod Handler, capable of handling 6m long dual wall pipe up to 5.5” (200KG capacity), or the heavy duty EDM RC Rod Handler for up to 6 5/8” diameter
(400kg capacity).

An optional fully enclosed, climatised drillers cabin is also available on the EDM95K-RC drill, deployable up to 5m away from the table, giving the operators maximum protection from drilling hazards and extreme heat/cold exposure.

Reverse Circulation Depth Capacity

  • 4.5" Dual Wall: 737m



  • Tracks (Cat 330L) or Truck (8x4/8x8) mounted
  • 95,000lbs of Pullback capacity
  • 7.6m (25ft) Rotary Head stroke, 45° - 90° drilling angles
  • 400HP – 950HP T3 or T4 Final engine options available (CAT/Cummins/MTU)
  • Various Metzke breaker options
  • EDM Rod Handler and titling onboard rod bin
  • Onboard or standalone compressor
  • Fully Enclosed hydraulically deployable climatized 2 person Driller´s Cabin (optional)