EDM 47K-RC Drill
Track / Truck Mounted Dedicated RC Drill Rig

Up to 47klbf Holdback

The EDM47K-RC is a versatile dedicated reverse circulation drill with 47,000lbs of pullback capacity. The drill is designed to be easily customized and can be truck or track mounted with multiple engine, cyclone, splitter, and breaker options available enabling the end user to tailor the rig according to their unique requirements.

Engineered to meet all T1 mine site safety standards, the EDM47K-RC rig ensures operational safety is a priority, featuring the EDM Hands-Free RC Rod Handler, an onboard tilting rod bin with a capacity of 168 meters of 4.5” diameter, 6-meter pipe, hands-free dual rod breakers, rotation guarding and automatic fire suppression system.

Built to be tough and reliable, the EDM47K-RC Drill Rig is a robust and proven solution, guaranteeing years of productive and safe drilling performance in the most challenging environments.

Reverse Circulation Drill Capacity

  • 4.5" Dual Wall: 365m
  • 4" Dual Wall: 500m


  • Track or Truck mounted
  • 47,000lbs of Pullback Capacity
  • 290HP to 800HP - T3 and T4 Final engine options available (subject to on-board compressor)
  • Various breaker options from Metzke or Airdrill etc.
  • EDM Rod Handler and Titling on board Rod Bin
  • Onboard or standalone Compressor