EDM 47K D Drill
Truck / Track Mounted Surface Core Drill

Up to 47klbf Holdback

The EDM47K-D Drill is a mid-size surface core drill with 47,000lbs of pull back capacity and capable of drilling to more than 2000m in tough environments. The rig features a robust 2 speed top drive rotation head delivering 1250rpm and 6,713Nm of torque, deck engine options up to 400HP, a 40,000ll capacity main winch and can be delivered track or truck mounted, or ready to mount to customers own vehicle.

Designed for ease of maintenance and servicing, the EDM47K-D is ideal for working in tough environments and comes fully equipped for highly productive and safe drilling, including hands-free dual rod breakers, EDM rod spinner and rod spin guard with hydraulic cut out, wireline auto spooler, main winch and wireline winch over ride, automatic fire suppression and radio remote control for Teir 1 mine site safety compliance.

The EDM47K-D drill is a well-proven and reliable machine built to deliver years of highly productive and safe drilling in the toughest environments and remote locations.

Diamond Core Drill Capacity

  • B+ 3000m
  • N+ 2460m
  • H+ 1668m
  • P+ 1103m


  • Track or Truck mounted
  • 47,000lbs of Pullback Capacity
  • 290HP  - T3 and T4 Final engine options available
  • 40,000lbf Main Winch, mounted on mast head
  • Rod Spinner and Spin Guard with auto cut out
  • Main and Wireline Winch Limiters to prevent rods/overshots accidentally being pulled through the Drum/Sheaves
  • Various breaker options from Metzke or Airdrill etc.