EDM 30K-HP Heli Portable Diamond Drill

Up to 30klbf Holdback

The EDM 30K-HP is a high-capacity diamond core rig designed for operation in remote locations only accessible by helicopter. With 30,000lbf of pullback, the rig can reach depths of 1500m (N+) making it one of the most powerful fly rigs on the market while maintaining a small footprint. Uniquely designed with a special slewing base, the rig can drill multiple holes on different azimuths from the same position without the need to move the rig.

The rig has been specifically designed for simple operation and ease of maintanance and servicing in the field and breaks down into 16 x sub 700kg modules for transportation. Despite its compact and modular design, the EDM 30K-HP has an impressive range of standard components and safety features making it one of the safest and most productive flyable rigs available.


  • 30,000lbs Pullback
  • 45° - 90° mast angles
  • Powered by 2 x CAT 4.4 engines, T3 and T4 Final options available
  • Top head drive, 1250rpm / 5781Nm
  • 30,000lb main winch mounted on mast head
  • 6m pull for diamond pipe and casing
  • 16 x sub 700kg modules for heli-lift
  • 1600m Wireline Winch with auto spooling device
  • Main Winch and Wireline Winch limiters to prevent rods/overshot being pulled through the drum/sheaves
  • Rod Spinner and Rod Spin Guard with auto cut out
  • Quick-couple hydraulics for easy assembly
  • Slew base for multiple drill holes from the same position


Diamond Core Depth Capacity

  • B+ 2041m
  • N+ 1570m
  • H+ 1065m
  • P+ 704m