An independent diamond rod handling system that is compatible with multiple machines and eliminates hazardous hands-on-steel operations associated with diamond drilling.

The MK-2 is the most advanced EDM Rod Feeder delivered to date, giving any exploration drilling contractor worldwide with a top head drive & main haul winch - and selected chuck drives - the opportunity to upgrade their existing fleet to instantly remove their drill crews from traditional drilling hazards and in doing so providing a safer service to their clients.

The MK-2 is a “Plug and Play Instant Safety Solution” eliminating repetitive hands-on steel tasks, and with improved cycle times that have come to be expected from the EDM Rod Feeder’s well-earned reputation.

All MK-2 operations are performed at its control panel where simple joystick commands are converted to the long and tedious series of consecutive manoeuvres doing away with any intervention from the driller’s assistant. The feeder arm, plug assist, smart tray, skewing rod shuffler and 5-axis rod gripper are configured to safely store, organise, load, unload and feed drill pipe and casing of 3, 6 and 9m lengths to and from drill operations.

The MK-2 is a containerised jack out and up sloop making for easy loading onto flatbed trucks and trailers. Two configurations are available - freestanding and self-propelled (track mounted). Tier 3 and 4 engine options are also available.

EDM believes in making “Hands off Steel Technology” accessible to the existing worldwide fleet of exploration drill rigs and the EDM MK-2 Rod Feeder is an important step toward safer exploration drilling projects worldwide.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Automated Plug Spinner removing all hands-on-steel intervention
  • Can work with all top drive rigs with a main winch and selected chuck drives drive machines
  • Compatible with most machines with little or no modification required
  • Will safely pull/run rods in both 6m (20ft) & 9m (30ft) Lengths
  • Works on all mast angles from 45° - 90°
  • Removes manual handling of rods, barrel assemblies and core tubes
  • Onboard storage of up to 2000m (6000ft) N+ pipe or equivalent in other sizes
  • Positioning tracks for easy set up behind the rig on drill pads with limited space
  • Rod shuffler with magnetic jaws for rod Shuffling/Loading/Unloading rods, barrels and core tubes
  • Ability to load rods from either side of Rod Feeder with the skewing rod shuffler for when extra rods are required
  • Fits into a 40ft High cube container for international shipping
  • Double Smart Tray Assembly with 3m telescopic action making it compatible to any mast geometry. Works in unison with roller, spinner jaws and shuffler to manage overall rod and tube storage
  • Tethered Control console allowing operator to work from a safe zone clear of the line of fire
  • Multiple camera’s allowing safe and seamless remote operation