EDM GREYHOUND Dedicated Diamond Drill

40klbf Holdback

A track mounted diamond drill on a small footprint with good maneuverability, which fits into a 40 ft HC container for fast and cost-effective shipping. With 40,000 lbf pullback capacity, a high-performance top drive rotary head, mast head mounted 40,000 lbf main winch and a 260 HP engine, the Greyhound offers impressive power and performance for its size.

The rig includes a range of safety features such as rod spinner, rod spin guard with hydraulic cut-out to slow rotation when opened, wire line spooler and main winch override to prevent rods or the overshot being pulled through the drum. The Greyhound has been designed to be simple to service and maintain in the field offering safe and productive drilling in the toughest environments.


Diamond Core Depth Capacity

  • N+ 2094m
  • H+ 1420m
  • P+     938m