EDM HXR 40 - RC Horizontal Rig

Up to 47klbf Holdback and Pulldown

The EDMHXR40 is a heavy-duty, horizontal drill designed specifically for reverse circulation in-pit dewatering holes. The powerful, track mounted rig conforms with the strictest mine site safety regulations and is fitted with pipe rack and a rod handler for presenting 4.5” to 10” pipe to and from the rotation head. The rig also features an onboard crane for reloading the pipe rack from the ground or rod bin etc. These features give 100% hands-off-steel pipe handling and loading.

The HXR40 can be supplied with a fully enclosed control cabin to completely protect the driller and helper from drilling and pit face hazards, and when paired with the EDMTSV Horizontal Rod Presenter/Carrier all drilling, rod handling and loading operations are completely hands free and controlled from within the protected cabin for its entire depth capacity. This rig and rod presenter/carrier combination make this the safest and most efficient horizontal drill system available.




  • 47,000lbs of Pullback / Pulldown Capacity
  • Drill angles +6° to -3° from horizontal
  • 265HP Cummins T3 or T4 Final engine options available
  • Onboard Rod Handler for 4” to 10” diameter
  • Onboard crane for loading/unloading Rod Rack
  • Fully enclosed Cabin (Optional)
  • One-person operation if required
  • Separate EDM TSV Horizontal Rod Presenter/Carrier with 450m Capacity (Optional)

Drill Depths

  • 4.5" Dual Wall: 400m
  • 4" Dual Wall: 450m