EDM Nugget - High Capacity, Compact, Multipurpose

Up to 45klbf Holdback

The EDM Nugget is a High Capacity Multipurpose surface exploration drill rig that was designed to be containerised. The design allows all the major mast components above the main chords to be removed easily so the machine can be trammed into a 40’ high cube closed container.

The tracks are designed with bolt in spacers which are also easily removed which takes the overall track width from 2,700mm to 2,300mm to fit in the container. The concept behind the 500hp engine is very untraditional to the way most exploration machines are designed, but has many advantages. We use high horse power engine and more hydraulic pump flow to allow the engine to run consistently at 1200rpm and still maintain maximum torque and speeds. The fuel consumption is very reasonable considering the available hp, and the noise level around the machine is very low.