EDM 45K-D – High Capacity Diamond Core Surface Exploration Drill Rig

Compact 45Klbf Holdback Rig

The EDM45K-D is a heavy-duty surface core drill with deep hole capabilities on a small footprint. Track mounted for excellent manoeuvrability in tough site conditions, the high-performance rig offers the best power to size ratio on the market and fits inside a container for shipping. Designed with a jack up base, the rig can be raised up to 1.8m for easy loading onto a standard flatbed truck or trailer for long distance moves.

The rig boasts a range of world class safety features including an optional 2 person sealed control cabin isolating the operators from drill table hazards, making it a highly desirable rig for operations on mine sites with the most stringent safety standards. The rig can be combined with the Mk-1 Rod Feeder for reduced manual rod handling or the MK-2 Rod Feeder to eliminate manual rod handling

  • Track mounted, radio remote tracking and tramming cabin
  • 47,000lbf Pullback
  • Top Drive 1250 RPM / 6713 Nm Rotary Head
  • 40,000lbf Main Winch mounted on mast head
  • Rod Spinner and Spin Guard with hydraulic cut out
  • Metzke MB550 Breakout Wrench (other options available
  • Angle drilling 45° - 90°
  • Main Winch and Wireline Winch Override to prevent rods or the overshot accidentally being pulled through the Drum / Sheaves
  • Jackout and up Platform to 1.8m

Depth Capacity

  • B+ 3000m
  • N+ 2355m
  • H+ 1597m
  • P+ 1056m