EDM 33k Series Drills Multipurpose / Diamond / RC

Up to 33klbf Holdback

The EDM33K Series drills are medium duty machines that allow multiple drilling methods to be carried out with a single unit. The rig can be track or truck mounted in Diamond, RC or Multipurpose configurations allowing you to engage in diamond coring and reverse circulation projects and can be supplied with a compressor onboard if required.

The EDM33K Series of drill rigs adhere to the strictest global safety standards and boast an extensive range of standard features and options including winches, make and break tools, cyclones/splitters and rod handling/storage allowing them to be customized to your specific requirements. The EDM33K is an extremely well proven machine that combines rugged reliability and drilling efficiency, making it a highly productive drill that gives world class performance and safety.

Diamond Core Drill Capacity

  • B+ 2245m
  • N+ 1727m
  • H+ 1172m
  • P+ 774m

Reverse Circulation Drill Capacity

  • 4.5" Dual Wall: 255m
  • 4" Dual Wall: 350m


  • Track or Truck mounted
  • 33,000lbs of Pullback Capacity
  • 260HP to 755HP - T3 and T4 Final engine options available (subject to on-board compressor)
  • 30,000lbf Main Winch mounted on mast head
  • Rod Spinner and Spin Guard with auto cut out
  • Main and Wireline Winch Limiters to prevent rods/overshots accidentally being pulled through the Drum/Sheaves
  • Various breaker options from Metzke or Airdrill etc.
  • EDM Rod Handler and Titling on board Rod Bin
  • Onboard or standalone Compressor