EDM 95K Series Drills Multipurpose / Diamond / RC

Up to 95klbf Holdback

The EDM 95K Series are high-capacity, heavy duty rigs capable of executing deep hole exploration projects and are available in Diamond, RC and Multipurpose configurations. Track or Truck mounted, the rigs can be supplied with a high-spec onboard compressor, booster, onboard rod handling and an impressive suite of safety features including a fully enclosed hydraulically deployable 2-person control cabin.

Like all EDM machines, the EDM 95K Series rigs boast a wide range of safety features as standard and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. The EDM 95K Series of exploration drill rigs have been designed to consistently deliver results on the most challenging deep-hole drilling projects.

Diamond Core Depth Capacity

  • N+ 3360m
  • H+ 3050m
  • P+ 2000m

Reverse Circulation Depth Capacity

  • 4.5" Dual Wall: 737m


  • Tracks (Cat 330L) or Truck (8x4/8x8) mounted
  • 95,000lbs of Pullback capacity
  • 7.6m (25ft) Rotary Head stroke, 45° - 90° drilling angles
  • 400HP – 950HP T3 or T4 Final engine options available (CAT/Cummins/MTU)
  • 55,000lbs Main Winch mounted on mast head
  • Rod Spinner and Spin Guard with auto cut out
  • Main and Wireline Winch limiters to prevent rods/overshot accidentally being pulled through the Drum/Sheaves
  • Various Metzke breaker options
  • EDM Rod Handler and titling onboard rod bin
  • Onboard or standalone compressor
  • Fully Enclosed hydraulically deployable climatized 2 person Driller´s Cabin (optional)