EDM Rod Feeder and Rod Handler

EDM’s range of Rod Handler and Rod Feeder options can be fitted to any rig.

  • Rod Feeder – Semiautomatic Diamond Rod Tripping
  • We can fit Sandvik RC Drill Pipe Handlers
  • We can fit Foremost Drill Pipe Handlers
  • Tilting Rod Platform for RC Rods
  • RC Rod Presenter Fitted on EDM Track Carrier Sloop with Tilting Rod Platform for Hands Free Foremost RC Rod Handling. Perfect combination for vertical through horizontal RC drilling.

EDM Rod Feeder

Safely trip diamond drill pipes with our semiautomatic Rod Feeder system while maintaining productivity. Works on almost any machine with a main winch that is either chuck or top head drive. Sloop capacity is 15T.

EDM Tilting RC Rod Platform

The EDM RC Rod Platform can carry up to 612 metres of 4-1/2″ RC Drill Pipe. Its hydraulically actuated Tilting Tray Base is normally powered off the rigs accessory hydraulics presenting a rod to the right spot everytime to work extremely well with a KL style rod handler with cup.

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